Body Combat


If you are looking for a sport cardiovascular alternative besides running, for example, also allow you to boot, riveting and master the techniques of defense personnel in an environment without contact, then what you ‘re looking for called Body Combat . This sport is an activity full training action covering all the above and more, and also guaranteed to make you sweat and get your heart will accelerate . Inspired by martial arts and a wide variety of disciplinesIncluding muay thai, thai chi, boxing, taekwondo and karate, Body Combat is a sport that offers great benefits to body and mental health.


What is ?

Body Combat is a type of cardiovascular exercise that is performed in a group or alone in which a series of movements related to martial arts are performed to raise the heart rate and lose fat.


What does it consist of

Sport Body Combat is a program of exercises focused on the aspect cardiovascular which is performed by the overall group, with music full of adrenaline that inspires perform a series of movements grounded in different martial arts such as taekwondo , karate , capoeira , thai boxing , tai chi or boxing, among others. These movements are performed through choreography with music and in them people are able to exercise arms ,shoulders , back , legs and abs , thus allowing to improve flexibility , strength , coordination and cardiovascular endurance.


Body Combat Features

The main characteristics that we can observe in the Body Combat are the following:

  • It is an activity that can be done by anyone in a group or alone .
  • It can be practiced at any age , as it allows you to modify the movements to reduce the high impact that some of them have.
  • It is not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure or any type of heart disease .
  • Most of the exercises are based on a combination of punches and air kicks .
  • The classes are divided into three different blocks .
  • The music that is used in the exercises varies from classic to current themes , yes, they have a lot of rhythm .
  • The person who practices it must worry about hydration before, during and after the exercises.

What is Body Combat for?

The Body Combat is a type of exercise that serves to achieve, in addition to good coordination , a loss of body fat mass, and therefore, weight loss . In addition, it gives people a feeling of confidence and security , as well as being very beneficial for health.

Who invented it

Body Combat was born in a New Zealand gym in 2000, and its inventor was a martial arts professional named Nathalie Leivas who wanted to transform the Fitness work that took place in gyms.


The history of Body Combat was born in New Zealand where it emerged as a new training program that was later implemented throughout the world . It was based on movements of karate , Tai chi and Taekwondo , also adding movements and boxing blows. Currently, the sport is practiced in practically all gyms in  the world and has been very well received by the sports public worldwide.

How the class unfolds

The original Body Combat program was established by the Les Mills brand . Each exercise routine lasts approximately 55 minutes and is divided into three different blocks , each of which is accompanied by a different piece of music. In the first block of the routine, the dynamic warm-up is done , which also works as a type of approach to know the exercises that will be performed during the routine.

In the second block , the exercises focus more on speed , energy and endurance and these three aspects are combined with some rest times between each series. Each group of exercises is responsible for working a certain group of muscles, so that in the end, all the muscles of the body will have worked. In the third block of the routine, more emphasis is placed on strength through final exercises and stretches .

Benefits of Body Combat

Some of the benefits that can be obtained by performing Body Combat routines are the following:

  • It is a type of exercise that helps reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular disease .
  • It notably improves the functioning of the lungs and the heart .
  • Increases resistance to effort .
  • Helps to tone and shape the muscles of the body.
  • It also has bone benefits , since bone density improves with routines.
  • Corrects posture and helps improve body strength and stability .
  • It has a positive influence on coordination and agility .
  • Helps burn large amounts of fat without affecting proper muscle function.
  • Helps improve self-esteem and provide a sense of security .


Among the disadvantages that occur when Body Combat is performed we mention:

  • You must have a minimum of coordination and if you do not have it, you must invest patience and a lot of work to achieve it.
  • It is a very demanding type of routine in terms of muscular and aerobic endurance .
  • You must be very careful with the joints as they could suffer some kind of damage.
  • These are generally activities that a large number of people attend, so crashes are common.


The best equipment to practice Body Combar is to use appropriate sports clothing to achieve maximum development. You can use a pair of shorts , shirts fresh or tops , boots type boxer or sneakers normal training . Some people also tend to use gloves for boxing to protect wrists, some of these guandos are now designed with a little extra weight more challenging the exercises to do.

Music to practice Body Combat

The music used for the Body Combat routines should be music full of rhythm and  movement . Some classes use music from the 70s and 80s, but in general , any type of music can be used, as long as it provides rhythm to the routine.

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