Benito Mussolini

The men have shown that unsupported are nobody , however, this comes to be extrapolated when support occurs by fear or cowardice, or favors . This is best understood when studying to men as Benito Mussolini when they surrendered against the army of Hitler .

Personal information

  • When was he born:  07/29/1883
  • Where he was born:  Predappio, Italy
  • When he died:  04/28/1945
  • Where he died:  Giulino, Azzano, Italy

Who was Benito Mussolini?

He was an Italian politician widely repudiated by the world along with the group of dictators of past centuries , including Adolf Hitler , Francisco Franco , Josseph Stalin . He fully supported  Nazism, becoming a military support front for it.

  • Biography of Benito Mussolini
  • What did
  • Military career
  • Dictatorship of Benito Mussolini
  • Performance during the second world war
  • Death
  • Ideology
  • Benito Mussolini’s personality
  • Physical characteristics
  • Parents
  • Relations
  • Sons
  • Benito Mussolini quotes
  • Curiosities

Biography of Benito Mussolini

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, born in Predappio on July 29, 1883, is dedicated to politics and the military career apart from graduating as a journalist, gets the position of President of the Council of Ministers of Royals in the period from 1922 to 1923, established a fascist and authoritarian regime . He joined the Nazis during World War II , was shot on April 28, 1945.

What did

What is truly remarkable about Benito Mussolini was how I can take advantage of all the political situations that were being experienced in both national and international politics , and get ahead with his socialist ideals supported by the conservatives ; implant fascism .

Military career

After compulsory admission to Italy ceases, Benito Mussolini returns and decides to enter the military academy , becoming prominent in the 10th Bersaglieri regiment . At the start of the First World War, he expressed full support but did not attend the battlefield , and even received a wound from the explosion of a mortar during a practice, for which he was discharged and promoted on merits. military.

Dictatorship of Benito Mussolini

During his dictatorship there were no major economic changes within Italy. The most remarkable thing is the total establishment of fascism in Italy, with Benito being its main leader , which is why a wave of terrorism was raised by its own rulers for those who did not share this ideal .

Performance during the second world war

Because they are the Nazis who help Benito to escape from prison , among many other reasons more , he decides to narrow an military treaty with Hitler to support the war as yet another front. This does not last long until Italy is attacked by the allies from different flanks and invaded by Sicily being completely dominated.


After the fall of Nazism, Benito Mussolini knew the future he expected, due to the great rejection he had on the part of the population so he looks for ways to flee from Italy, but it is something inevitable. He is caught by the population in Giulino on April 28, 1945, and then he is shot,  along with his lover and other companions in the Loreto square in Milan with his wife and exhibited there for days until his putrefaction.


Benito Mussolini from childhood was marked by the socialist ideals of his father , who gave him the name after different men with these ideals . As he made his way, he strengthened them within his political party and military formation .

Benito Mussolini’s personality

While for some people Mussolini was a fearful and cowardly man, for others he was an example worthy of admiration for his cunning to do politics and save his life . The truth is that the different situations in his life do not allow the balance to tip to one side or the other, but it must be noted that he had great genius for developing plans and projects .

Physical characteristics

At an early age Benito Mussolini  stopped growing with respect to his height, more specifically at 15 years old , thus remaining 1.62 centimeters tall , he was a young man with light skin but he was roasted by acquiring a darker tone . With respect to his facial features , the line of the chin and chin were very straight so that from the front it seemed that his face was totally square .


Their parents were:

  • Alessandro Mussolini , who was a blacksmith .
  • Rosa Maltoni , who was a teacher .


Mussolini was very well related to all the politicians within the same Italy who kept the same socialist ideals as him, but for the rest of the world he was a traitor for his decisions regarding the war, which is why he is execrated from world politics .


His two sons were:

  • Andrea Mussolini.
  • Marcello Mussolini.

Benito Mussolini quotes

Among his most outstanding phrases are:

  • “We are not talking about raising a new political banner, but rather about ridding the old socialist flag of those who have wrapped themselves in its folds”
  • “The proletariat is not willing to fight in a war of aggression and conquest after which it will simply remain as poor and exploited as before”
  • ” The dough is disposable , gray men”
  • “In the field of colonial policy it is necessary to vindicate the rights and necessity of the nation”
  • “If the 19th century was a century of individualism, it is expected that this 20th century will be the century of collectivism and thus the century of the State …”


Benito Mussolini can be appreciated within the general culture in many ways, some of them are:

  • The  1940 great  Charlie Chaplin ‘s film ” The Great Dictator “ makes major references to Mussolini in the character of ” Benzino Napaloni “ .
  • In the short film  The Three Stooges, I’ll never say heil again ,  Cy Schindell who plays ” Chizzolini “ makes a clear reference .
  • The centurion Langelus , located in the comics of Astérix ” the battle of heads ” is a clear parody of Mussolini.
  • Importance.
  • The dictatorship of Benito Mussolini within Italian history will serve as a clear example of how the situations that a man lives can generate a feeling in the nation of support that can lead to a tragedy like the ones this man did.

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