Beach Volleyball


The volleyball is a type of game that is practiced on a track in teams of six players each and is to hit the ball to the opposite side over a network placed in the middle of the field. When the ball hits the ground of the opposing team then a point is scored. One of the types of volleyball that exist is known as beach volleyball.


What is beach volleyball?

The beach volleyball is a type or variant of normal volleyball. In this case, the game is played in the sand and also follows all the rules that have already been established in the original game, the biggest difference being the number of players per team, which in this case is only two.


What does it consist of

Beach volleyball is a type of volleyball that is played on the sand and outdoors. It does not have many variations when compared to normal volleyball in terms of rules and equipment . The teams in this type of sport are made up of two players and consists of throwing the ball over the net located in the middle of the court to try to score a point against the opposing team.



Regarding its history , it is important to mention that beach volleyball had its beginnings with the natural history of volleyball . In its beginnings, it emerged on the beaches of Santa Monica located in California , United States , in 1920 thanks to William G. Morgan . In the 1970s, the sport increased its fame considerably as it was sponsored by various beer and cigarette companies. With the passage of time it managed to gain more popularity and began to be practiced worldwide .

It was in 1996 that beach volleyball became part of the Olympic Games both for women and men and since then, it has become one of the favorite games . It has continued to spread over the years mainly in places where there are coasts and there have been many international competitions which are organized by the International Volleyball Federation .

Characteristics of beach volleyball

Some important characteristics of beach volleyball are the following:

  • During matches, players use physical , technical and tactical gestures to play it.
  • In the game there are two types of plays, offensive and defensive .
  • The situations that occur in the game are defined in a time and in a space
  • The surface where play is a surface soft and unstable .
  • The actions that happen in the game is less than ten seconds .
  • It is a game that is characterized by having rhythm , coordination , balance , reaction , orientation and anticipation of the plays.

Who invented it

Beach volleyball was invented by the Georgia Porgan family in 1895, although the first references to the sport date back to 1914 in Uruguay , for this reason, its origin and the person who invented it can be a bit difficult to determine for sure.

Women’s beach volleyball

The main difference between women’s and men’s beach volleyball is based on the height of the net, in the case of men it measures 2.43 meters for men while for women it should measure 2.24 meters . The rest of the rules are basically the same.

How to play

To play beach volleyball it is necessary to have coordination , communication between the teams and good physical condition . It is played between two teams , each of which is made up of two players . The place where it is played measures 16 x 8 meters and the main objective is to be able to pass the ball over the net so that it can touch the court of the opposing team while trying to avoid an action against the other team.

The player takes the ball from the opposite side and the teams have the possibility of hitting the ball three times before being able to return it over the net. In volleyball, players do not have a fixed position when playing on the beach and the ball cannot be touched more than twice in a row . The team that manages to get a point will be the one that serves again. To serve , players alternate and may serve over or under the shoulder using their fist, open hand, or arms. The first team that manages to reach 15 points with a two advantage , wins the set and the match.


The basic fundamentals of beach volleyball are as follows:

  • Strike of high hands or fingers.
  • Low hand strike or forearm strike.
  • Serve from below, above or tennis .
  • Power jump serve.
  • The volleyball shot
  • Block in volleyball.

Beach volleyball rules

The main rules of beach volleyball are mentioned below:

  • The number of players must be only two per team.
  • To start the game, a serve must first be taken .
  • You can not be received with fingers the ball unless it is an attack hit.
  • The double are pitados from two spins of the ball.
  • You must change fields every seven points.
  • When the ball hits the block it is not counted as a hit .
  • The maximum number of touches that can be given is three .
  • Players cannot hit the ball more than twice in a row.
  • The ins can not be blocked .
  • When the ball falls within the court of the same team , the point is lost.


The categories in which beach volleyball players are located are the following:

  • Infant (U-15): players born between January 1, 2003 or later.
  • Cadet (U17): Players born on or after January 1, 2001.
  • U19: Players born on or after January 1, 1999.
  • Under-21: Players who are born on or after January 1, 1997.
  • SENIOR: are those players born in 1996 and earlier.


Some beach volleyball competitions are:

  • World Beach Volleyball Championship.
  • Central American Volleyball Cup.
  • Scoring Approved Beach Volleyball Tournaments.
  • 5 star tournaments.
  • World Tour Finals.
  • Olympic Qualification Tournament.
  • Tournaments 1-4 stars.


The main techniques of beach volleyball are:

  • Service : it is called a service and it begins with a ball kick behind the baseline, the ball is thrown into the air and then it is hit to the opposite field.
  • Blocking : this action is done to intercept any attack against the opposing team to return the ball to the opposing field.
  • Reception and pass : consist of the player’s ability to intercept and control a ball to direct it to another teammate to continue playing. The low balls must be received with the forearms and the high ones using the fingers of the hands.
  • Attack-finish : the player jumps to throw the ball with force to the other side of the court in search of places where he can place the ball. In this case, the player can choose to trick the opposing team into an unexpected serve.

Basketball court

The beach volleyball court is a space that must be covered with sand . It is a rectangle that measures 16 x 8 meters and around it there must be a free area that measures at least 3 meters wide x 7 meters above the surface, without any type of obstacle. In the case of world competitions, the free zone must be at least 5 meters and the space must be 12.5 meters.

The surface must be completely level , flat and uniform , there must be no stones on them or any object that could harm the player. In world competitions it must be a minimum of 40 centimeters deep and sand that has been compacted cannot be used . It is delimited by two bottom lines and does not have central line , these lines must measure between 5 and 8 centimeters wide and must be painted in a color that contrasts with the sand.


The ball must be cylindrical , the material with which it is made must be flexible and its circumference is between 66 and 68 centimeters. Its weight ranges between 260 and 280 grams.


To play beach volleyball you need the ball , the boundary tapes , the nets for the court, the posts that are also part of the game. As for clothing, it should be comfortable , men can play it without a shirt and women in a swimsuit style designed for sport.

Famous beach volleyball players

Among the most recognized players who practice this type of sport we find:

  • Philip Dalhausser.
  • Francisco Javier Bosma.
  • Todd Rogers.
  • Pablo Herrera Allepuz.
  • Martín Conde.
  • Kerri Lee Walsh.
  • Misty May-Treanor


Some fun facts about beach volleyball are:

  • Depending on the gender of the athletes, the net height changes.
  • The serve speed that the ball can reach is 140 kilometers per hour .
  • It is considered as the second most popular sport in the world.
  • It can be played in the wind , in the rain and if there is no sun.

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