The basketball is one of the sports with more followers in the world, quick action from side to side of the court , the physical deployment and last – minute entries are some of the inducements to observe this famous sport.


What is the basketball?


Basketball is a very famous sport, which consists of scoring points by throwing a ball with the hands through the basket of the opposing team suspended at each end of the court.


What does it consist of

It consists of a confrontation between 5 players on each side in a covered field. The game consists of scoring points by throwing a ball with the hands through the basket of the opposing team suspended at each end of the court. The team that makes the most baskets , either by making shots from the field or from the free throw zone , wins the game.

Basketball Features

The main characteristics of basketball are:

  • Teamwork
  • Velocity
  • Physical
  • Precision
  • Playing with the possession clock

Who invented it

It was invented by James Naismith, an American physical education professor at the YMCA University of Springfield Massachusetts in 1891. The idea came about while looking for a sport that could be performed in an enclosed environment such as the gym during winter.

Naismith wanted to create a physical contact sport similar to soccer or rugby but that required greater skill. By placing a couple of baskets of peaches that were hung on each side of the track, the name of one of the greatest sports in history was born .

Also, Naismith devised ground rules for the newly created basketball and teams consisted of 9 players on each side. Subsequently, metal hoops with bottomless nets, backboards, and fewer players were introduced, shaping the sport as it is known today.

How to play basketball

  • Duration of a game: 4 quarters of 10 minutes according to FIBA and 12 minutes in the NBA. If the match ends with a tie between the two teams, extensions of five minutes must be played until one team is the winner .
  • Players: the team has five starting players, seven substitutes, making a total of 12 players. There is no limit number for changes.
  • Start of the game : it begins when the referee throws the ball up from the center of the circle and two players from each team jump vertically to try to deflect the ball towards a teammate.
  • Referees : They vary between 2 or 3 depending on the league .
  • Scorer’s table : The scorer’s table is in charge of controlling all incidents of the game.


  • Ball handling.
  • Displacement.
  • Pivot.
  • Defending.
  • Dribble.
  • Rebound.
  • Happens.


The rules of basketball are:

  • The ball is played with the hands. But if the ball is accidentally touched the leg or the fist, nothing will be penalized.
  • You cannot advance without bouncing the ball. Only pivoting is allowed .
  • No attacker may stay more than three seconds in the opponent’s zone (under the basket and within the triple line).
  • Within five seconds, each player in possession of the ball must pass, shoot for the basket or dribble.
  • Each team has 8 seconds to pass the ball to the opponent’s court after a kick-off.
  • Each team has 24 seconds to make its move and shoot a basket.
  • Each coach can instruct his players using time-outs. These last one minute.
  • If a player touches the arm or hand of another player, pushes him, or prevents him from moving, he will be punished with a personal foul . With 5 personal fouls a player must leave the game.
  • A technical foul: applied when a player, coach or member of a team performs an unsportsmanlike action.
  • Free throw shots are taken from the line located at 5.8 m. of the basket . They are carried out when a team commits more than 4 fouls in a quarter or the foul is committed in an action in which the opponent is shooting for a basket.


  • Base: he is in charge of driving the ball to the offensive sector and setting up the plays.
  • Escort: they are usually players regularly shorter than the rest of the team that coordinates the attacks with the point guard.
  • Small forward: balances speed, strength and height. It is responsible for breaking the opposing defenses.
  • Forward-Center: they work together with the center in the defensive phase. He is in charge of stopping the inside game of the rival team and supporting with shots and rebounds.
  • Pivot: they have a great height and powerful physique that they must impose on the court , they are in charge of giving blocks, picking up rebounds . In the offensive phase they seek to score points under the hoop.


There are multiple categories by age, highlighting: juvenile, cadet, junior, senior, university and professional.


Some outstanding basketball competitions are:

  • NBA
  • Cup European Basketball
  • Basketball Club World Championship
  • Basketball at the Olympics
  • South American Championship of Champion Clubs
  • FIBA Eurocup
  • ACB
  • Copa del Rey

Basketball techniques

There are two types of techniques, offense and defense.

Offensive techniques

Offensive position without the ball

  • Hike
  • Race
  • Stops
  • Twists

Two-handed passing

  • Chest
  • Stung on the floor
  • Above the head
  • Down

One-handed ball passes

  • Shoulder pass
  • Chopped
  • Down
  • of baseball
  • Hook
  • Hidden passes

Dribble: The dribble of the ball is an offensive technical mode by which the player is allowed to move around the field of play.

  • Position dribble
  • Low rebound moving dribble
  • Dribble with change of direction

Hoop shot

  • Hoop shooting in motion
  • The hoop shot with a moving hand after catch
  • Hoop shot in suspension
  • Free shot

Defensive techniques

Defensive displacements

  • Low defense position
  • Middle defense position
  • High defensive position.
  • Mixed defense position

Ball seizure technique and opposition

  • Remove the ball
  • Kick the ball
  • Intercept the ball
  • Cover the ball
  • Deflect the ball
  • Defensive rebound

Basketball court

The measure of the international courts consists of a standardized measure of 28 by 15 meters. While, in the NBA ( National Basketball Association ) the courts measure 29 by 15 meters.

On the other hand the net, the net located in the hoop approximately 3.05 meters from the ground.


The equipment of a basketball player consists of:

  • Sleeveless
  • Shorts or bermuda shorts
  • Footwear with an appropriate design to stop quickly.
  • Socks: generally made of cotton and with a height of approximately 10 cm.

Famous basketball players

  • Lebron James
  • Michael Jordan
  • Dwight howard
  • Yao Ming
  • Pau Gasol
  • Tony parker
  • Manu Ginobili
  • Magic johnson
  • Larry Bird
  • Karrem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Kobe bryant
  • Tim duncan
  • Carl Malone
  • Tracy mcgrady
  • Glen robinson


  • The first basketball game was held in 1981 .
  • The board was added to prevent shots from going so far from the court.
  • Women’s basketball was created in 1892.
  • It became an Olympic sport in Berlin 1936
  • For a time, dunks at the rim were illegal .
  • The basketball was originally brown.
  • The NBA was founded when three other associations were combined in 1949.
  • Until 1929 he played with a ball of football .
  • Michael Jordan is considered the best player in history after his successful stint in the Chicago Bulls.

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