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backup is a term that is used continuously in the world of computing , and not only here, but also in telephony and personal information . Currently, there are many aspects that can damage data or information stored on computers or smartphones. Having a mechanism that can guarantee trust and security is of the utmost importance to avoid loss of relevant and confidential information.

What is a backup?

A backup is a mechanism or process by means of which the information that already exists can be duplicated from one medium to another so that they can later be recovered in the event of a failure in the equipment.

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Backup definition

A backup is a type of backup created to protect user information . It is a type of copy that is made on the original data and files that need to be saved and protected in order to avoid the partial or total loss of the information that is stored inside the hard disk or in other types of devices .



A backup is characterized by being safe and very reliable since the files can even be saved in the cloud. It needs to be complemented with a good antivirus or firewall to better protect the files. It is a complementary process with data restoration and requires adequate storage and administration space to be effective.

They are characterized by being included in different types of software and it is considered one of the best methods to achieve protection for important data. It is also known as back up and is part of the IT department (information technology).

They generally place the storage media in a different location from the original, such as external storage.

What is it for

The backup is basically used to make a copy of all the information that is in the memory of a computer or a smartphone in order to be able to safeguard the information in the event of an operational failure in the equipment already either by a virus or by the action of a hacker.


Its history begins with the creation of cybernetics and computing, since from that moment on, a mechanism was needed to create backup copies. Over time, not only companies handled important data but also users in homes, for this reason, it is considered that its evolution was based on the need to improve and protect the flow of information.

The first devices that managed to save information were punch cards . In the early 1960s and 1970s, it was necessary to use many cards and very complex operations to achieve the goal, for this reason, magnetic tapes were created that copied tracks using magnetic materials. With the passage of time, the CD or compact disc was created , an optical reader that used lasers to save information.

The pendrive and the memory card came later and with the passage of time they managed to gain much popularity. Finally, thanks to innovation and technology , the external hard drive began to be used, which was connected to the different computers externally. Finally, the cloud came to guarantee internet security .


There are several types of backups, the most important of which are mentioned below.

  • Mirror backup : it is known as RAID 1 and consists of creating an exact copy of all the data in real time, in other words, while working with the information, a mirror copy is made in a different location.
  • Full backup – This is more basic and used more frequently. It consists of making a copy of the system data on a different medium. It allows an easy restoration of the data since all have been copied.
  • Differential backup : does not need much space for storage and copies data that has been changed since the last full copy was made.
  • Incremental backup : You can only back up data that has undergone some variation since the last backup was made. It requires less space for the creation of the complete copy and can be done in a shorter time.

How to make a backup

If you want to make a backup on a computer the first thing is to select the start button . Here a screen will be displayed that indicates a control panel in which the system and maintenance must be selected . In this place you will find the button to start the process of making the copy and restoration . Subsequently, the option to ” configure the backup ” must be checked

Where to keep it

Where the backup is saved will depend on the amount of information that needs to be saved. There are several types of storage devices for this. One option is DAT / DDS / LTO magnetic tapes which, in addition to being low cost, allow large amounts of data to be stored.

Another place where you can save is in the cloud . Here it is allowed to safeguard the backup copies on third-party servers and before doing so it is necessary to guarantee the security on the part of the company that provides the service. There are also optical discs such as Blu-ray storage devices .

How to restore a backup

In order to restore the backup that you have previously saved, the following steps must be followed:

  • Find the main window of the program and click on the backup option .
  • Afterwards, click on the restore copy button , which is usually located on the left side of the window.
  • In the box that appears, the backup that needs to be recovered is selected and then the restore option is selected
  • In case the files are located on a CD or DVD drive then you should look for the option that indicates ” other copies ” and then select the drive where the file is.
  • Mark the date of the backup that is needed and then select restore backup.
  • It is important that you indicate if you want to restore all files to the original location or if you want to create a new location .
  • The final step is to click on the close option .


Backups have become a topic of great importance in the world of computing and for this reason, many companies have created different programs that help the user to create them. Some of these programs include, for example, Acronis True Image, Aomei Backupper Standard, Cobian Backup, Paragon Backup & Recovery.


Some advantages of creating a backup are mentioned below.

  • Security is guaranteed for all important data.
  • It allows data to be recovered very easily and quickly.
  • Makes it possible for files and folders to be saved within a backup drive .
  • When the backup is done in the cloud , there is greater and better accessibility , copies can be made automatically and there is no limitation in terms of storage capacity.
  • The information can be saved in an encrypted form which guarantees privacy and security.

What problems does it present

Some problems that can occur when making a backup include aspects such as poor planning as to how often the backup will be performed. It may be that there is not enough space for adequate storage or that the appropriate antivirus have not been installed, which allows the entry of viruses or malware that will end up destroying the backup.

Importance of backup

Performing a backup is extremely important for both the user and the company as it is the perfect medium to store the information important for it not get lost. It is a way that the person who keeps the information has the tranquility and security of all your data and information will be well supported in case you encounter a failure type computer a malfunction or cyberattack .


Some recommendations that can be followed for backing up are mentioned below.

  • It is advisable, before performing the backup, that you thoroughly clean your computer in order to free up unnecessary data.
  • Delete inactive , fragmented , temporary data , download history and all cookies before backing up.
  • It is important to determine a backup strategy in order to determine how often the backup should be performed.
  • Properly select the location and storage media to be used.
  • Take into account the way in which the data that has been stored will be restored in the event of a problem with the computer.

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