Ayrton Senna


In the world of sports, one of the competitions that produces the most adrenaline among its spectators is, without a doubt , auto racing and in them great pilots and athletes have emerged who, in addition to giving everything for the sport, have also died due to serious injuries. accidents One of the most remembered worldwide is Ayrton Senna, a sports pilot from Brazil.


Personal information

  • When was he born: 03/21/1960
  • Where he was born: São Paulo, Brazil
  • When he died: 05/01/1994
  • Where he died: Bologna, Italy

Who was Ayrton Senna?

Ayrton Senna is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the world of motorsport . An incredible car driver full of skills who quickly became one of the greatest legends of Formula 1.


What did

Ayrton Senna was an outstanding and recognized race car driver who managed to become world champion of Formula 1 on three different occasions when it was part of the team Marlboro-McLaren-Honda . It was a pilot who was characterized by great precision driving and incredible audacity that made him creditor of world fame . He was a racer who stood out for his great ability to drive cars in the wet. He was an avid sportsman as he also excelled at activities such as tennis and water skiing.


Ayrton Senna Biography

He was born in the city of São Paulo in Brazil , on March 21, 1960. From a very young age, his love for cars was noticed when his father built him a kart that reached 60 kilometers per hour, this was a gift from his father who did not imagine that it would be the beginning of his son’s automobile career. From the moment that Ayrton Senna got into his toy car, his practically innate knowledge came to the fore and from that moment it was known that he would be a star of motorsport.

At just 8 years old he began to participate in the racing world and at the age of 13 he managed to enter his first karting competition winning the Paulista Championship . At 18, he decided to move to Europe to be part of an Italian team, the DAP , where he stayed until 1982.

Later he decided to leave kart competitions to start his life in the world of Formula 1. First he moved to live in England where he began his practices to participate in Formula Ford 2000 and from that moment on, the interest of several could be observed. important teams on it.

Accident and death

Ayrton Senna died on May 1, 1994 while competing in the San Marino Grand Prix . His death caused a great commotion in the world of sports that still has its traces. On the morning of that day, Senna was competing when, on lap number seven while driving the Williams FW16 , he could not correctly take the curve known as Tamburello , which caused his car to hit the wall at a speed of approximately 218 kilometers per hour . The strong crash only caused his helmet to move a little which gave hope to safety teams and spectators, however, that would be the final day of his great career as a Formula 1 driver.

Experts and mechanics established the cause of the accident at the break of the column of direction of the vehicle, however, the team motorist never acknowledged any responsibility in the accident. As mentioned, Senna had a feeling that something would happen on race day, and two fatal accidents had already happened at the scene. It is also mentioned that the day before the race, he called his girlfriend Adriane Galisteu to whom he confessed that he felt a lack of protection from the International Automobile Federation.

Ayrton Senna’s legacy

Ayrton Senna’s legacy has made him one of the most important icons in the history of world sport. His death made even more recognition of what was already known, a warm man, with a charismatic personality, who was always there for his followers. He was always in favor of those most in need and this could be observed in his participation in various charities . He was a role model for many of today’s athletes.


His mother was Neyde Senna and his father, Milton da Silva , a man recognized for his companies, owner of several land and merchant. It was his father who was always by his side supporting him and it was the one who gave him his first kart when Ayrton Senna was just a child.


His wife was named Liliane Vasconcelos Souza , a woman he had known since childhood. They lived together when he settled in England, however, due to various differences their marriage only lasted 8 months. Senna had a very active love life, in 1984 she began a relationship with Adriane Yamin and they were together for four years. After this relationship, he was next to the famous singer Xuxa.

He had a relationship with Christine Ferracciu for two years after she separated from Xuxa and with Carol Ann Alt he had a secret relationship in 1995. In the same way, shortly after her death, other relationships that had come to light came to light. been hidden, for example, his relationship with Vera Peres and Edilaine de Barros.


There are rumors about the existence of a daughter with Edilaine de Barros better known in the artistic world as Marcella Praddo. Her name is Victoria .


Senna was one of the most important drivers in the world of motorsports, not only because he won many races, but also because of his way of being, because of the pride he felt in being Brazilian and because of his effort . He was a man who understood the problems that his country was going through and knew the low self-esteem of Brazil, for this reason, he always dedicated himself to exalting the place of his birth in each of his careers.

He thus became a kind of national hero for Brazil at a time when the country was going through difficult times. His triumphs gave hope to a country that had fallen and his successes, full of charisma and sensitivity , were all for Brazil, the country of his loves.

Ayrton Senna achievements

There were many achievements obtained by Ayrton Senna, among them are mentioned:

  • Monaco Grand Prix , a competition held in 1984.
  • Grand Prix of Portugal , won in 1985.
  • Grand Prix of Japan in the year 1988 and 1990.
  • Brazilian Grand Prix , competition held in 1991.
  • Monaco Grand Prix in 1992.
  • European Grand Prix in 1993, where he had to race in the rain .


Some of the recognitions that have been given to the runner were the following:

  • In the Interlagos circuit there is an S- shaped curve , which was made in honor of the runner.
  • In Sao Paulo, the SP-070 highway bears his name.
  • There are several parks and monuments named after the three-time champion.
  • The cars that are manufactured by the Williams company for Formula 1, have an S on the spoiler in honor of Senna.
  • On the curve where he suffered the accident, there are always flags, names of followers from all over the world, photos and flowers.
  • In Argentina , it has a special space in the Juan Manuel Fangio Museum .
  • The Ayrton Senna Stadium was inaugurated in the state of Amapá.

Presence in popular culture

Despite the fact that his death occurred many years ago, his brand and his name are still present in popular culture. His foundation has been dedicated to providing programming classes to children, as it is an NGO which was founded by his sister. It is a source of inspiration for many Brazilian artists . The renowned Netflix company announced a series about Senna’s life and achievements and the film known as Senna was also created , which tells the life and achievements of this important runner.

Curiosities about Ayrton Senna

Some curiosities of this incredible Formula 1 driver are the following:

  • He claimed that at the Eau Rouge corner located at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, he could speak to God .
  • Whenever he participated in the Grand Prix, he made two laps from the time he started until he was placed at the start, on the day of his death he made three laps .
  • He was quite religious and before his careers he read passages from the bible .
  • Early in his career he became known as Ayrton da Silva and later changed his name to Ayrton Senna.

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