The authoritarianism , a principle of submission blind to the authority , which opposes the free individual thought and action . In government, authoritarianism refers to any political system that concentrates power in the hands of a leader or a small elite that is not constitutionally accountable to the people. Authoritarian leaders often exercise power arbitrarily without regard to existing legal bodies , and cannot be replaced by elected citizens during elections .


What is authoritarianism?

It is a way of exercising power in an authoritarian way , an abusive attitude on the part of the authority generally linked to a military man in command. They are governments that impose their rules regardless of public opinion.

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  • Advantages of authoritarianism
  • Disadvantages of authoritarianism
  • How it differs from democracy
  • Authoritarianism by country
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Authoritarianism is a type of government where power is imposed without taking into account the opinion of the people . They are linked to a military figure who exercises command . The president is not elected by the people, but is imposed according to the different interests of the government.


Characteristics of authoritarianism

The main features are:

  • Existence of repressive norms that restrict freedom .
  • Power is concentrated in one or a few people .
  • There are no negotiations .
  • It does not admit any type of criticism .
  • They use the media for propaganda.
  • Suppresses the rights of man, freedom of expression .
  • There is an abuse of command eliminating freedom.
  • There is the suppression of other political parties .
  • The constitution is manipulated and there is low popular participation .


Authoritarianism was founded for Adolf Hitler in the 1920s . It was imposed in response to the Treaty of Versailles in which drastic measures were imposed on Germany , which took away large income from the payments on damages and compensation that they had to pay to France and Great Britain . In 1930 Nazism gained strength and in 1933 Hitler was given power , from this moment authoritarianism was born.


There are five types of authoritarian regimes, these are:

  • Military bureaucratic : slight level of political participation with several parties without free competition.
  • Organic Stateism : there is hierarchical ordering according to the interests they represent.
  • Authoritarian regime of post-democratic mobilization : the majority of fascist regimes.
  • Authoritarian regime of post-independence mobilization .
  • Post totalitarian authoritarian regime : present in communist countries.

Advantages of authoritarianism

Few advantages of authoritarianism, one of them is given during debates and making of decisions , as solutions are given more quickly , mainly in order aspects of social , political and  economic . It is also interested in achieving the maximum performance of the nation in all its aspects, which is why it places personnel prepared to carry out the functions.

Disadvantages of authoritarianism

It ignores the opinions of the people, limits freedom of expression by the media, generates great oppression of freedom and the rights of individuals , abuses the power granted to it, is not democratic in making decisions, absence Of official ideology , terror is promoted among the people and even the death of people who oppose the ideas of the government , a strong military presence and the dominance of a single political party .

How it differs from democracy

The democracy is a form of government where the people choose their leaders through the vote , where the majority rules and where the people have voice . The authoritarianism is exercised in an authoritarian manner, which has a single representative of authority and where there are abuses and the people have no voice or vote and state is absolute sovereign .

Authoritarianism by country

  • Mexico : had the most successful authoritarianism in the world with 84 continuous years of the same party. Many experts consider that the country is currently living under a type of authoritarian democracy.
  • Chile : The principles of the extreme right were established, eliminating political parties, freedom of expression, the National Congress, and democracy was abolished. There were great violations of human rights, leaving people dead, tortured and disappeared.
  • Argentina : attributed to the perversion of the rulers and the incorrigibility of Peronism caused by a weak state,strong sectoral powers , animpoverished and divided society .


The importance with respect to authoritarianism is that it must be fought against it to allow countries and their inhabitants to enjoy the human rights that correspond to them and so that their needs are not repressed by an authoritarian government.


Some phrases are:

  • When a war is started and unleashed, what matters is not being right, but achieving victory.
  • With humanity and democracy the peoples have never been liberated.
  • Before God and the world, the strongest has the right to make his will prevail .


  • The Mugabe government .
  • The trujillato .
  • The Cuban Revolution .
  • The Franco .

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