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We know by the name of audiovisual production the art that exists in giving life to a certain product whose destination is the different audiovisual media that exist, be it film or television . This type of production involves a series of important aspects such as capital , technical resources , logistics and the different tasks that are carried out every day while it is being produced. To keep control of all these important points, there are audiovisual production companies .


What is an audiovisual production company?

Also known as a company or production house , it is the medium that is responsible for providing the physical basis for audiovisual works to reach the media such as film , radio , television and video .

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Characteristics of an audiovisual production company

The main characteristics of an audiovisual production company are:

  • Analyze the vision of the world of cinema in the films they represent.
  • He is in charge of obtaining the necessary funds for the production of a film.
  • Identify the functions of technical teams .
  • Describe post production .
  • Values ​​the need for subtitles and other audiovisual processes such as multimedia.
  • It helps in communication that occurs in education , advertising , politics , social and entertainment .


Its origin lies in the creation of the film industry , because with it, the need grew to have a team that would be in charge of looking for the necessary funds to be able to carry out the different film and television productions and to have control of what It was performed.


The term audiovisual began to be used with more interest after the appearance of talkies . In the nineteen fifties , and the term was used to refer to the different techniques of dissemination in the form simultaneously . From this moment on, the media began to talk about audiovisual language and audiovisual communication and it was here, when faced with the need of film producers to have more order and control , audiovisual production companies emerged.

What does

The audiovisual production company is the one that is directly and responsible for the collection of the necessary funds for the production through a parent company, partner or a private investor . He is in charge of managing budgets , programs , script , the acquisition of talent and resources. The organization of personnel, production and post production , distribution and marketing is also part of their job .

How to create an audiovisual production company

Having a precise idea of ​​what you want to do is essential, as is identifying the best market and the opportunities for success that you can have. It is important to choose a creative name that grabs attention and to design a visual identity that is eye-catching. The producer must be registered and meet all the legal steps that must be followed to design a plan of business to get the financing right, acquire the equipment necessary and organize properly the workers that will be part of it.


The main objective is to communicate the messages that are transmitted by companies effectively using modern and powerful methods . Analyze the concepts of companies that want to enter the audio visual production to achieve promote products, propose strategies for the process of communication , develop strategies to formulate and analyze the planning , development and sales , in addition to business strategies and provide a solution comprehensivein audiovisual projects of companies.


The vision of the audiovisual production is to meet the expectations of customers through creativity and proactivity of services, bridle intelligent solutions to the needs, providing services quality and funding appropriate for audiovisual productions can move forward.


The main mission is to create an adequate human team that is interested in providing solutions to clients who use the audiovisual medium as a way to show their products to the public in order to make themselves known.

Organization chart of an audiovisual production company

  • General Director or CEO : the maximum responsible for the management and administration of a production company.
  • President : set the guidelines and strategies to follow.
  • Production department: responsible for the production and the audiovisual producer .
  • Technical department : technical director, chief, camera operators, editors, audiovisual producers, satellite operator and technical development.
  • Marketing and business development department .
  • Administration or finance department : includes experts in accounting and finance.


The importance of an audiovisual production company lies in marketing and advertising as they are essential for any advertisement to appear on television or the internet , or for a film to reach the big screen. He is also responsible for the entire process related to the development of a creative idea that will later be reflected in the audiovisual product .

Featured audiovisual production companies

Some of them are:

  • Zebra productions
  • Xanela productions
  • Shine Iberia
  • Bargain productions
  • Backstage productions
  • National Geographic
  • MOD productions

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