Artistic gymnastics


Balance, speed, flexibility, strength, control and finesse are just some of the attributes and characteristics of elite gymnasts who strive every day for perfection. With every routine and attempt they make within this tense yet graceful competition, artistic gymnasts have the ability to cast a spell on spectators. It is an Olympic category sport that can be performed by both men and women and is performed both on the floor and on different devices made for this purpose and which are judged individually and by event . Men’s events include a number ofexercise of flat , horizontal bar , parallel bars , pommel horse , rings and motionless vault. Artistic gymnastics events for women are, for example, vault exercises , uneven parallel bars , balance beam, and floor exercise.


Artistic gymnastics is a branch of general gymnastics characterized by the use of different apparatus on a special surface, it is one of the most important sports and can be practiced by men and women.


What is artistic gymnastics?

Artistic gymnastics as a sport is considered one of the most important sports in the branch of gymnastics in which the different skills and abilities of the individual are demonstrated and which is practiced by both men and women . The routine consists of the complete realization of a choreographic composition which is accompanied by music , combining at the same time the speed with the different body movements. Athletes who practice this routine must be in excellent physical condition.


History of artistic gymnastics

Gymnastics has been around the world for more than 2,000 years, but its development as a competitive sport began just over 100 years ago. During the 1800s, gymnastics flourished in the Turnvereins and Sokols and was later introduced to the United States and its school systems in the 1830s by immigrants such as Charles Beck , Charles Follen, and Francis Lieber . The Office of the European Gymnastics Federation, which became the International Gymnastics Federation , was formed in 1881, paving the way for international competition. In the United States, the Amateur Athletic Uniontook over gymnastics, along with most other amateur sports. The first large-scale meeting of gymnasts was the 1896 Olympic Games , where Germany won the most medals. Gymnasts from five different countries competed in events, which included men’s horizontal bar, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings, and vault. The United States Gymnastics Federation, now known as USA Gymnastics , became the national body for the sport in the United States in 1970.


In artistic gymnastics different elements are used for each of the routines, among which we can mention the following:

  • Rope : it is made of hemp or some material that is synthetic. The length of this will depend on the height of the gymnast and he will need great elegance , strength and flexibility to work with it through turns, jumps and blows.
  • Ring : the ring can be made of materials such as wood or plastic . It is used to dance and perform the routines practically within it and it takes a lot of coordination , control of movements and rolls.
  • Ball : it may be made of rubber or plastic and must be taken with fragility, it is a gentler and more delicate exercise. The ball must be in constant motion .
  • Maces : they are made of plastic materials and are used to make turns, throws and some shapes without a defined shape.
  • Ribbons : they are also known by the name of ribbons and are made of satin . They are long and of strong and bright colors and its main function is to give the idea of ​​different designs in space , creating shapes in the air.

Rules of artistic gymnastics

Among the general rules we can mention that athletes can wear bandages on their hands. The feet must be together when they do the final jump. They will be classified according to the precision of their movements. Equipment must be used appropriately as well as clothing. Hair should not interfere with routine. For male athletes, the minimum age to participate is 18 years old and there is no maximum age.

Track for artistic gymnastics

The characteristics of the track for artistic gymnastics are the same for the male and female modality , they are set by the International Gymnastics Federation : the surface must be 12 mx 12 m., With a safety zone of 2 meters.


Among the devices used for artistic gymnastics routines we can mention the following:

  • Uneven bars
  • Balance beams
  • I usually
  • jump


Two important aspects are part of the equipment and are the clothing and equipment used. The clothing has evolved, so much so that today some costumes even include crystals. The devices are chosen according to each category.

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