Anastasio Bustamante

Anastasio Bustamante was one of the main promoters and caudillos on the part of the conservative party of Mexico, an important and recognized military man who managed to reach the presidency of the country on three different occasions.

Personal information

  • When was he born: 07/27/1780
  • Where he was born: Jiquilpan de Juárez, Mexico
  • When he died: 02/06/1853
  • Where he died: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Who was Anastasio Bustamante?

Born in Jiquilpan de Juárez, Mexico, Anastasio Bustamante stood out for his active military and political career in Mexico, one of his greatest achievements being the presidency of the country up to three different occasions after having participated in the battles of the royalist army .

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What did

Anastasio Bustamante was in charge of proposing a whole program which was based on trying to find and recover the order that had been lost. Due to his sentence that implied the execution of Guerrero, he was one of the first politicians to be convicted by the Case Law, which caused him to be expelled from the country.

He was a man who fought against the Masonic lodge imposed by the Yorkinos who supported Guerrero and continuously fought crime through the creation of a secret police . He looked for ways that the government could give entrepreneurs more credits so that they could purchase machinery and raw materials for their companies.

Biography of Anastasio Bustamante

He was born in the city of, Jiquilpan located in Michoacán , on July 27, 1780 . He was baptized with the name of Trinidad Anastasio de Sales Ruiz Bustamante y Oseguera . His family was poor, yet they fought for him to receive an education. Although he began his studies in medicine , he did not manage to finish his career as he decided to join the royalist army.


Anastasio Bustamante died on February 6, 1853 in San Miguel de Allende. His last wish was that his heart be sent to Mexico City , to later be deposited in the Metropolitan Cathedral next to Agustín de Iturbide .

Performance in the War of Independence

His war practices began in 1808 when he joined the arms race when he was invited to fight against Miguel Hidalgo . He distinguished himself by his fight against the insurgents, a situation that showed his loyalty to the Spanish crown , thanks to which I can rise to the rank of captain.

He was a man who dedicated himself to confronting the Mexican rebel troops who sought the independence of their country. His prestige gradually increased and he was in charge of pursuing Morelos when he fled.

Political career

As for his political career, he began to exercise his profession from the year 1810, at which time he was called by the royalist army to participate and fight with them. This is how he first dedicated himself to fighting the insurgents and in this way he managed to acquire his first important rank as a colonel. Later, he was part of the Special Government Board and in 1828, the same congress granted him the vice – presidency of the government of Guerrero. However, he makes an act of treason against this government and this is how he manages to assume the presidency for the first time in 1830.

Presidency of Anastasio Bustamante

During his presidential term, he made several mistakes that cost him work and reputation. The first of them was the sentence he handed down against Guerrero for which he was executed, this cost him exile and that he had to give up power in 1832. Later he returned in 1836 when he was summoned to help in the Texas rebellion.

He returned to be president on April 19, 1837 and he dedicated himself to govern based on the protection that the Seven Laws gave him , which did not take into account the Constitution of 1824 . It was during this period that he was in charge of facing the first intervention by France , which became known as the War of the Cakes . It was a period in which there was a great economic and administrative disorder that caused his downfall again. At the end of the year 1845 he returned to Mexico to participate in the US war of intervention and his prestige and fame made him once again appointed as president.

What study

His high school studies were carried out at the Guadalajara Seminary from where he managed to obtain his baccalaureate. As a young man, he studied arts at the Guadalajara seminary and later studied medicine in Mexico City, however, he did not manage to finish his degree.


His ideology was based mainly on the use of power and force to fight against opponents and even against the press.

Contributions of Anastasio Bustamante

His main contribution was based on a series of trips he made after peace was established between Mexico and the United States with the objective of being able to reestablish order in the country and peace in the states.

Physical characteristics

There is no exact physical description of Anastasio Bustamante , however, in the portraits it can be seen that he had his eyes and black hair, outlined eyebrows and little amount of hair in the area of ​​his forehead.


His personality was characterized by being strong, a little egocentric cunning and focused on victories in battle. He was very intelligent and this made him earn a lot mainly in the military field. He was also a bit brusque and somewhat disinterested in independence.


His father was José María Ruiz Bustamante and his mother María Francisca Oseguera .


There are no data on romantic relationships or marriages for Anastasio Bustamante.


There are no records of their offspring.


Its importance lies in its fight to combat crime, although this was tried in an unorthodox way since it was dedicated to establishing a secret police that was in charge of enforcing its orders. He also managed to reorganize the public finances and granted credits for the purchase of machinery, raw materials and to get employers to pay wages.


There is no data on recognitions that have been made in honor of Anastasio Bustamante.

Anastasio Bustamante Quotes

There is not a large record of phrases that have been mentioned by Bustamante, however, one of them is mentioned below:

  • I will never be able to draw my sword against the Warrior General .


According to historians, Anastasio Bustamante was a very rude man and also quite ill-mannered . Many people called him by the nickname ” brutamante “. In his government, according to history , illegality always ruled.

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