American Football


The football is immensely popular in the United States . Each game requires a lot of preparation and is very physical , so the players need several days between them to study the team and to recover from the efforts they have made previously.


What is American football?

It is one of the most famous and competitive contact sports in the United States and has managed to expand to many countries. It is a dangerous game due to the type of contact that occurs between the players, however, it is widely practiced worldwide .


What is american football

The Football American is a game of two teams , each with 11 players offensive playing against 11 defenders of the other team. The attacking team tries to get the ball through a career or passes towards the area annotation . The defense looks for a way to prevent this from happening by preventing the opposing team from advancing towards the score.


The game consists of the team that is on offense achieving a touchdown as the main objective, or a field goal , which is worth 3 points and for this they must advance at least ten yards in a maximum of four opportunities or downs . So for every ten yards or more traveled, you have four more chances to hit the same ten-yard target , and so on.


The beginnings of American football have their beginnings in Great Britain , with a mixture of rugby and soccer . Like many sports , college was where it originated. The game played on November 6, 1869 between Rutgers and Princeton is known as the first college football game, although it was very different from the one we know today. All that changed when the great Walter Camp , a renowned Yale University rugby player , made some notable changes to the rules of soccer., for example, the legalization of the blocking, descent and distance rules and the all-important line of scrimmage.

In 1892 it had the origin of professional football , when a $ 500 contract signed by William “Pudge” Heffelfinger was signed to play in an Allegheny Athletic Association game against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club . During World War I , it was difficult for clubs and teams to find athletic men to play for locally, so they began recruiting players from other states and the American Football Association was created in 1920.

Today, American football is very popular in the United States, so it could be said that along with basketball and baseball , it is the most important sport in the country.


The main characteristics of American football are the following:

  • It is a contact sport .
  • Each team consists of 11 players .
  • Each game lasts 1 hour of play, divided into four parts of 15 minutes each.
  • When the kicked ball passes over the horizontal part of the posts then three points are scored.
  • All team members must have a purpose
  • There must be excellent communication .
  • The football ball is oval in shape .

Who invented it

It is considered that its inventor was a university student named Walter Camp in 1892 when he proposed some changes to the game of rugby , such as the way of advancing yards and also reduced the number of players.

How to play

American football has four quarters of 15 minutes each, with a timeout after the first two. It is played on a field 100 yards from long and 52 wide . The game begins with a kickoff by one of the two teams, according to a previous raffle . This kick must come from the 25-yard line and go to the end zone of the team receiving the kick.

When the team receives the ball they have two options: the first is to receive the ball by placing the knee on the ground in the end zone to ensure the start of their offense from the 25-yard line, a situation we know as a touchback . The second is that the player who receives the ball runs to take the ball as far as possible and where they stop it, the offense begins , even scoring in this type of play.

American football basics

The fundamentals of American football are as follows:

  • Field goal: it is a shot between the posts of the opposing fence that is made during the game and has a value of five points .
  • Touchdown : it is the main annotation and occurs when a player with the ball in his hands passes the goal line of the opposing team. It is worth six points .
  • American football match : formed by four periods of fifteen minutes, each one.
  • Kick off: kick off standing to find a well-positioned partner who can score.
  • Down : pass the ball back , when the game starts.


The basic rules are as follows:

  • The field must be 57 yards wide and 120 yards long.
  • There will be 11 players from each team on the field.
  • The ways to score are touchdown (6 points), field goal (3 points), field goal , extra point .
  • The way to advance the ball is measured in Downs (attempts), there are 4 downs to advance a minimum of 10 yards.
  • The ball must be advanced by run or by passes .
  • The matches last 4 halves of 15 minutes each.


In the offensive area we have the following positions:

  • Quarterback or quarterback : is the one who receives the ball to make passes. It is the most popular.
  • Runner : receives the ball by the quarterback, must run as many yards as possible to score.
  • Receiver : Receives the ball after a pass through the quarterback to run and look for the score.
  • Offensive tackle , Center and Guard : they are 5 players from the offensive line. They are big and heavy and form a barrier to protect the quarterback or open spaces for the running back.

In the defensive area are the following positions:

  • Defensive end and Defensive tackle: four players that make up the defensive line and try to pass the offensive line and reach the one with the ball.
  • Linebackers: they cover the gaps where the runners can pass and are attentive to the receivers.
  • Cornerbacks: They are fast and mark the receivers of long passes.
  • Safeties: they cover the attacker who has overcome all the defenders, to avoid scoring.


  • Baby (they play without contact)
    • Squirrels 6 years
    • Beavers 7 years
    • Foxes 8 years
  • Infant (they play with equipment)
    • Rabbits 9 and 10 years
    • Hornets 10 and 11 years
    • Irons 11 and 12 years
    • Falcons 12 and 13 years
    • Taurus 13 and 14 years
    • Ponies 14 and 15 years
  • Juvenile A 16 and 17 years (free weight)
  • Youth AA 17 and 18 years old (free weight)
  • Intermediate 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 years old
  • Major League 20-24 years


Some of the competitions that take place mainly in the United States are:

  • Super bowl
  • American bowl
  • American Football League
  • AFC Championship
  • NFC Championship
  • Legends Football League
  • Lingerie Bowl


  • The clock: the receiver must learn it first and master it.
  • The basket: the receiver runs with his back to the quarterback.
  • Basic passing technique to throw the ball.
  • Hail Mary passes
  • Pass bullet.
  • Throw the ball while the player is knocked down.


The football field is 120 yards (109.73 m) long , and the final 10 yards that are located on each side of the field are the end zone for the teams. Must have the end zones where the general points and are at both ends of the pitch. It has marks that divide the thirds of the field and that are called Hash marks . And they must have Ys that are the metallic structures that are seen at the center of each of the ends of the field.


With a cover consisting of 4 leather segments, it must have a granulated surface without corrugations , only the seams, its color is natural brown , it has two white stripes one inch thick that are placed only in the two segments adjacent to the seam.


The equipment that players need to be able to practice American football is the following:

  • American football helmet
  • Dental splint
  • Punishment handkerchief
  • Telemetry system to avoid head impacts
  • Shin pads
  • American football shoulder pads

Famous American football players

Some of the most famous players in this sport are:

  • Barry sanders
  • Jerry rice
  • Walter Payton
  • Jose Montana
  • Lawrence Taylor
  • Johnny unitas
  • Reggie white
  • Jim Brown
  • Joe greene

Curiosities about American football

Some curious facts about American football are:

  • Since 1942, players use the technique called ” black eye “, which consists of painting their face with black lines at the height of the cheekbone, and they do so not only with the purpose of intimidating the opponent, but also to reduce the glare from sunlight or artificial lighting of stadiums.
  • deaf student communicated the moves to his classmates by moving and thus created the famous form of circular meeting .
  • The average number of people who watch this sport per week is… 264 million !
  • The first game that could be broadcast on television was in 1939.

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