What is amaxophobia?


For some time, people have determined that as technological developments advance , the number of different phobias that human beings can suffer from is expanding . Some are more bland, others are more understandable, but all end up affecting people in the development of their daily lives. Currently there are very few people who do not have a phobia , due to the number of elements in the world to which a fear can develop.


What is amaxophobia?

The amaxofobia is merely the extreme fear that affects an individual when driving , becoming something pathological ; In other words, it affects those who suffer from it to the point of not being able to carry that phobia , and therefore, progressively affecting their quality of life if it is not treated on time. This phobia originates from various causes, mostly from experiences that the individual has lived where he was affected , both physically and emotionally, it also occurs in people who have never driven or who did so at a late age.


Definition of amaxophobia

Amaxophobia is defined as the excessive and uncontrollable fear of driving a vehicle. Etymology . The term originates from ancient Greek and is made up of two parts: the first word is “amaxa” which was translated as carriage and is currently translated as vehicle, the second word is ” phobia ” which is translated as ” fear of ”.



The characteristics of amaxophobia are the following:

  • It comes on several levels, some only feel panic when driving at high speed, while others are presented just by listening to the sound of the vehicle’s engine.
  • International studies have revealed that between 20% and 25% of the driver population tend to suffer from this phobia .
  • In general , patients who suffer from these phobias are usually older than 35 years.
  • The best way for these people to lose this phobia is to expose them directly to the situation that affects them to strengthen them in it.
  • There are few cases where the phobia is produced by another person , that is, while the person is driving, his companion says words such as ” care ” in an altered way, thus progressively producing insecurity in the driver.

Causes of amaxophobia

If we speak from the area of psychology there are several main causes that give rise to amaxophobia.

By cognitive processes in which thoughts occur where it is about anticipating an accident.

These are presented in the individual through successive images repeatedly without stopping, making it impossible to do whatever they try to suppress. In some cases they bring back memories of certain accidents or moments lived that they do not want to repeat.

Normal anxiety and stress due to specific situations become more frequent.

Within driving there will always be moments of stress or anxiety due to various causes, where not even the individual is directly related but witnessed it. However, when they occur continuously, they begin to feed that phobia, with things as simple as the sharp turn of a vehicle

The rituals taken by the conductor.

The simplest way to understand this is when we see that a person is constantly at a slow speed and when it increases it also increases his level of anxiety. In this way anxiety begins to generate panic in a person when increasing the speed of a certain limit.

When operated under a pressure environment.

We see this especially in people who are dedicated to driving much of the day as is the case of taxi drivers or policemen. While some feel more confident and even reckless, others when driving under pressure ( from the customer or from a chase ) develop panic attacks and decide to stop.


The main symptoms of amaxophobia are:

  • Panic attacks or anxiety when driving , in some specific cases agoraphobia develops .
  • The initial fear that a person presents when driving which was never overcome.
  • In the case of people who have experienced various situations. The post traumatic stress disorder.
  • Fear of noise generated by vehicles.
  • Panic to the traffic of vehicles close to the person.
  • Majority preference to go as a companion of their own vehicle.


Whoever is evaluating the patient in question must analyze the person’s automobile history , and the symptoms that he presents. After that, subject the patient to a situation where symptoms are manifested in order to diagnose it.

Treatment of amaxophobia

Within the area of psychology there are different methods to attack amaxophobia, however, the first thing to do is explain to the patient what he is suffering so that he understands his situation and what it implies (this is not done to produce an improvement but it serves to shorten the situation a bit and from that point on) followed by applying some therapy such as cognitive behavioral intervention.

It is also excellent to apply self-instruction techniques where you are given a series of steps to follow as if it were an imaginary script, to know what to do in the middle of these situations, in order to divert attention from any situation you seek. anticipate a catastrophe .

Although undoubtedly the best way to solve amaxophobia  is through direct exposure to the causal source of the problem in a progressive way, this means that they make small approaches but with great ambitions to the problem.

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