In criminal law , which is at the same time a branch of public law , we find several terms of importance, one of them is the alibi . In this sense, we can say that in many cases the alibi is used as a defense method in a given case and its existence implies the participation of the accused in a place in order to determine his guilt .

What is an alibi?

It expresses the defense to a criminal process , where the accused party , to prove that he could not have committed the crime with which he is accused, offers evidence to show that he was in another place at that time .

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The term alibi in the area of law is based on an assertion made by the accused of a certain crime , asserting that he was not in the place where the crime for which he is accused was committed, producing an impossibility on his part. of having been an active subject in the commission of the crime . The alibi, however, is conditioned on the evidence that is presented to demonstrate the presence of the accused in another place, which must also coincide with the time andwitnesses .



The word alibi is a noun that comes from the Latin verb ” coarctare ” which means ” limit ” or ” restrict “. The term is also formed by the word ” artare ” or ” arctare ” which has the meaning “to narrow ” or ” tighten “; and also by the prefix “co-“ or “con-“ that encompasses the idea of ​​gathering or including a means by which something is done.


The word alibi has several synonyms which are the following:  alibi, defense, apology, excuse, subterfuge, stratagem.

What is an alibi for

An alibi is an argument that serves to evade the responsibility with respect to any  situation Sometimes people are accused of committing some kind of act unlawful or irregular , and when this accusation is completely false alibi is useful for the person may have proof that they are innocent and that they are telling the truth . The alibi is then the evidence that is presented with the aim of exposing the falsehood that is intended to be raised against a person and serves to refutelie or a false rumor . On some occasions it can also be used as a type of lie to avoid a commitment of a social nature , a type of white lie to avoid having to go to a place you do not want. It is an excuse or a pretext .


There are several types of alibi, among them we can mention:

  • False alibi : it has the danger that it can be dismantled and for this reason, in order for them to become viable , they must be carefully planned in order to make it appear that they are true . This is why several crimes can be accompanied by a strategy that is aimed at eliminating the accusatory evidence , in other words inventing a plot that will serve as an alibi.
  • True alibi: this type of alibi occurs when the accused of a crime actually has evidence to show as an alibi that he was in a different place from the place where the crime was committed and that at the time of the crime , the accused he was in another place.
  • Alibis wrong : wrong alibis are the kind of alibi in which the person wrong his whereabouts , but yet has the ability to fix the place where he was.

Alibis agencies

An alibis agency is presented on internet pages and promises people to take care of all the details so that the lies seem true and to safeguard the peace of people who have extramarital affairs and who want to create a fictitious life to be able to show off in front of their friends and so that they can justify various aspects of their life. This type of agency already has several on the market and works clandestinely , mainly in Europe and Latin America . They are companies that provide people with a double existence and that help create parallel lives .


The importance of the alibi lies in the need for some people who are unfairly accused of a certain crime . Thanks to true restraints, people are able to prove their innocence when they are accused, thus avoiding an unjust conviction . It is also important that false alibis are well investigated to prevent those guilty of crime from being released .


Some examples of alibi are as follows:

  • When it is documented that on the day the crime was committed, the defendant was serving a sentence in prison for another cause or that he had appeared at the same time in a different place before a public official who can then attest by reason of his position as the veracity of such appearance .
  • When a person is accused of a crime but it is possible to determine by means of an alibi that he was, the hospitalized alibi indicates that I cannot be guilty of the crime of which he was being accused.

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