Alfredo Landa


His full name was Alfredo Landa Areta and he was an important actor of Spanish nationality who personified the intense phenomenon of Landismo in the early 1970s. He was an actor full of versatility and popularity within the cinema, awarded at the famous Cannes Film Festival and winner of several awards worldwide. His gestures, his sympathy and his penetrating gaze made him achieve fame. Protagonist for many decades of cinema, managing to create a subgenre in the branch which was baptized with the same name. It was an extraordinary actor with the ability to thrillhis audience to the point of making them cry, he was able to act playing roles representing very rude guys and a comedian who managed to connect the audience with his way of acting.


Personal information

  • When was he born:  03/03/1933
  • When did he die:  05/09/2013
  • Nationality:  Spanish

Who was Alfredo Landa?

Alfredo Landa was an important Spanish actor who personified and created the famous phenomenon of Landismo, he was an actor full of popularity and versatility within the cinema and the protagonist of different films that made him achieve fame.

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Biography of Alfredo Landa

He was born on March 3, 1933 in Pamplona, Spain . He was the son of a civil guard and during his adolescence he lived in San Sebastián , where he enrolled in the university to achieve his law degree , however, some time later he abandoned it. He worked during the 1950s in a comedy directed by Rafael Salvia and had many supporting roles. One of his first roles that he managed to obtain as the leading men was with María José Alfonso in the film entitled ” La Niña de Muto “. At the end of the 60s, Alfredo Landa rose above other actors with the beginnings of landismo. During 45 years he managed to interpret around 133 films and his career consisted of three main phases. The first stage alternated comedy roles with theater works . The second stage consisted of 35 films of what became known as Landismo and the third stage was the most recognized stage of his artistic career, collaborating with important film directors.

Some of his best phrases known to many worldwide are the following:

  • “It seems that saying goodbye is a negative thing, and no”
  • “ Landismo has scored. And although many have referred to him pejoratively, over the years things have changed, and today he is spoken of as a phenomenon of society “
  • “I want to be like a tramp, but with more means: I will do nothing, just live and observe. I will not miss the interpretation “
  • “Getting tenderness and laughter out of a drama is the most beautiful thing in this profession. And we all have tenderness, eh? Even Al Capone “
  • He died on May 9, 2013 at the age of 80 and was cremated, then taking his ashes to the Pamplona cemetery .


Landismo was the term that was used to name a genre and phenomenon of Spanish cinema that emerged around the seventies during the twentieth century. Alfredo Landa was the most representative and prominent creator and actor of this genre, which sought to enhance the genre of comedy with a bit of eroticism . These films comically showed the problems, concerns and the different types of environments that could be found within Spanish society during the last years of the Franco regime and the first years that led to democracy.. At the same time, Landismo was looking for a way to represent the man from Spain who was typical of the time, macho, mocking, but at the same time repressed for his morals. As a character, he was observed excited at all times by the sexual liberation to which he wanted to dedicate himself completely, but achieving success on very few occasions, usually ending up , back at home with his wife, who was represented as a dominant woman. and outdated . Some of the most outstanding films of Landismo are the following:

  • You will not wish the neighbor of the fifth (R. Fernández, 1971)
  • The Temptation Apartment (J. Buchs, 1971)
  • Although the hormone is dressed in silk (V. Escrivá. 1971)
  • Paris is well worth a girl (P. Lazaga, 1972)

Featured Films by Alfredo Landa

Some of his most outstanding films throughout his professional career were:

  • Recruit with Child : a drama film directed by Ramón Fernández.
  • Historia de un Beso : tape in which he worked with Garci in 2002.
  • Los Santos Inocentes in 1984 and directed by Mario Camus.
  • The Heifer by Luis García Berlanga
  • The Animated Forest : this film was an adaptation of a novel by the famous writer Wenceslao Fernández, obtaining his first Goya award as the best leading actor in a film.

Alfredo Landa also won awards, standing out on the small screen in television series such as “Lleno, Por favor” or “Los Serrano” , and he represented the famous Sancho Panza in the mini television series “El Quijote de la Mancha” .

Acknowledgments to Alfredo Landa

  • In 1984 he won the award for best male performance at the Cannes Film Festival with his film Los Santos Inocentes .
  • Goya Award for best film actor for performance in the film El Bosque Animado.

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