Airbus A380


In aviation, one of the best known terms worldwide is Airbus . An important and recognized company in Europe that is responsible for manufacturing , designing and selling civilian aircraft . This company is in fact the leading aircraft manufacturer in the world. One of these great creations is the Airbus A380 , an aircraft that has been chosen as the best type of aircraft , the favorite of the passengers who use it as a means of transport.

What is the Airbus A380?

The Airbus A380 is considered the best passenger aircraft in the world. Its large size , comfort , space, and functionality have made it the ideal choice for airlines serving thousands of people around the world.

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Airbus A380 features

Among the main characteristics that can be observed in the Airbus A380 are mentioned below:

  • It has a radius of action that can reach 200 kilometers .
  • When it is manufactured to transport goods , the plane is built with three floors which have an autonomy to support 150 tons .
  • It can be equipped with Engine Alliance Trent 9000 and GP 7200 reactors .
  • It has enough space to install elegant suites in first class a bar and even business areas .
  • Its cabin is very well lit and is the quietest cabin, passengers can enjoy all aspects of the flight and, thanks to the innovative cabin air supply technology.
  • The instrument panel main A380 incorporates eight screens of crystal liquid identical and interchangeable, which provide a primary flight display a navigation screen two multifunction displays a screen warning of the engine and display systems.
  • It has an electronic library that allows flight and maintenance crews to easily locate the corresponding operational information in the different flight manuals, lists and logbooks, while optimizing performance and weight and balance calculations .


The Airbus A380 specifications are as follows:

  • The crew of this type of Airbus consists of two pilots and between 18 to 24 flight crew members .
  • It has a capacity of 480 seats which are classified into classes.
  • The Airbus A380 has a length of 80 meters.
  • Its height is 24 meters.
  • Its cabin measures a total of 1 meters.
  • The distance between its axes is 4 meters.
  • Its fuselage measures 71 meters.
  • The width of the main deck is 58 meters and the upper deck is 5.92 meters.
  • It has a range of 000 kilometers .
  • It has a thrust force of 302 kN.


This plane was born as a response to the Boeing 747 . Its beginnings date back to 1988 when a group of engineers led by Jean Roeder began working on the development of an airplane that could carry twice the target in order to eliminate the competition that had been established by the Boeing brand. After the project was presented, it received the approval of the president and CEO of the Airbus company in 1990 .

Four teams of engineers and designers were then organized so that they could propose new methods and technologies regarding the design and construction of the aircraft. These designs were presented in 1992, the Airbus A380 being the most competitive of all. Its construction began on December 19, 2000 , which was initially called A3XX . Its initial budget was estimated at 8 billion dollars .

The official presentation of the new aircraft took place on January 18, 2005 in the final assembly hangar in France . More than 5000 people attended this important event and then the first specific tests to the A380 began to be carried out. On March 26, 2006, he managed to obtain the evacuation certificate in Germany where, with all its doors closed, 853 people in total managed to leave the plane in just 78 seconds. The aircraft achieved its final certificate on December 14, 2007.

Airbus A380 layout

In order to reduce manufacturing costs, the cockpit retained some of the characteristics of other Airbus aircraft. Its cabin is glass and has control of flight known as fly-by-wire , which also have a lever for lateral control. Inside there are eight screens of liquid crystal comprising the flight displays , those of navigation , one showing the parameters of the engine , a system and two multifunctional.

Its wings are made of carbon fiber and aluminum and it uses wingtip fins to avoid turbulence and to increase fuel efficiency . Also it has an extra deposit of fuel . Its engines are of the turbofan type , two of which have thrust reversers. The aircraft has noise reduction systems and some other of its materials include fiberglass , quartz and carbon fiber .

The cabin allows the seats arranged in the economy class to have more space, it also has two floors which are joined by means of a ladder, one located in the stern and the other in the bow. On the plane you can find a rest area , bars and even shops . It also has an electronic art gallery for those traveling first or business class.


The variants of the Airbus A380 are as follows:

  • A 380-700 a smaller variant than the standard model. It measures 67.9 meters and has a capacity for 481 passengers.
  • A 380-800 with increased weight, load and performance capacity.
  • A 380-900 a slightly longer version with a capacity of 650 passengers and a type of standard configuration.
  • A 380 neo which has the new and improved.
  • At 380-800F which is a cargo version.

How many passengers can fit

The passenger capacity varies according to the configuration of seats chosen by the airline operator . However, the aircraft has a standard capacity to carry a total of 853 passengers.

How much

The cost of the A380 is around 444 million dollars .

Airbus A380 accidents

Since its launch in 2007 , the Airbus A380 has been involved in numerous incidents in different airlines , such as the Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, China Southern and Thai Airways, among others. Some accidents in which the Airbus A380 has been involved were the following:

An Airbus A380-800 of Air France flying from Paris to Los Angeles on September 30, 2017 with over 500 people on board made an emergency landing in Goose Bay (Canada) after suffering severe damage in one of the four engines . Fortunately, the flight and cabin crews handled the serious incident perfectly and all passengers were evacuated without damage.

An A380 of Qantas suffered an incident in 2010 when flying from Singapore to Sydney and was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore because one of the four Rolls-Royce of the plane exploded in the first 10-15 minutes of takeoff .


Flying with the Airbus A380 is a unique experience full of comfort for all its passengers and this is part of its great importance, from first class to economy . As the largest and most spacious passenger aircraft in the world, its cabin allows passengers to stretch out in their spacious seats in a quiet and relaxing environment . In addition, this type of aircraft has been attached to the list of environmental standards established and helps the environment thanks to its low consumption of fuel and noise levels, as well as its reduced emissionscarbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide .

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