Air Transport


The airlift is a type of media capable of performing transfers of passengers or property by aircraft or other means that travel through the air. It is considered as the safest means of transport today as it enjoys great technical advances, great security and a large number of electronic instruments that guarantee your safety. Its displacement is controlled by the air and consists of motors to give it flight capacity.

What is air transport?

Air transport is the means of communication more rapid and secure there today which is capable of transporting passengers and goods by aircraft or aircraft powered by a motor.

  • Characteristics of air transport
  • Story
  • Evolution
  • Types of air transport
  • Hot air balloons
  • Airships
  • Planes
  • Helicopters
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantages
  • Importance
  • Current usage
  • Air transport in Spain
  • Air transport in Argentina

Characteristics of air transport

  • They do not have physical barriers as in the case of other means of transport.
  • Political borders are also immaterial, although they must meet the requirements of International Law .
  • The main advantage of air transport lies in its speed .
  • Air transport provides uninterrupted travel by land and sea .
  • Special preparations are required for flights to be safe.
  • Air transport can be used to transport goods and people to areas that cannot be accessed by other means of transport.


Orville and Wilbur Wright were the first to make a flight, and they did it in the heaviest aircraft ever created, the Kitty Hawk , in North Carolina, in 1903, however, it was not until after the First War. World air transport reached a prominent place in all countries. After World War II, airplanes became stronger and safer.



In 1906, the Romanian inventor Traian Vuia created, and made it fly, the first self-propelled airplane . In 1958 one of the main advances in aeronautics took place with the inauguration of the British and American airlines , of the jet aircraft for commercial transport . Aside from supersonic aircraft , a breakthrough in air travel was the introduction of the Boeing 747 in 1970, the so-called Jumbo jet, which can carry from 360 to more than 500 passengers on scheduled flights.

Types of air transport

There are several types of air transport of which we can mention the following:

Hot air balloons

It was the first means of air transport. The Montgolfier brothers were responsible for designing a large bag filled with hot air in the late 18th century. The passengers and the heat source were placed in a basket made of wicker under the balloon.


It is a form of hot air balloon and have been around since the late 1800s. They were primarily used by the military as scouting tools. To float, the blimps use hot air and large fans attached to the gondola below. The Goodyear Blimp is arguably the most famous airship in the world , it is even used in sporting games and events around the world.


The airplane is the most popular form of air transport. Fixed-wing aircraft are distinguished from other types of air travel because they achieve lift through forward motion . A long runway is needed for airplanes to achieve speed enough to fly in the air. Airplanes use a propeller or jet engine to power the plane, and the wings act as a stabilizer to keep the vehicle in the air.


Helicopters are means of air transport powered by horizontal rotors made of two or more blades . These blades rotate around the top of the machine and manage to lift it. It is one of the methods used to transport critically ill patients .


Through air transport, greater efficiency is obtained when traveling long distances to transport high-value cargo. It is a means that provides us with an effective and fast communication link and can be used for medical purposes , which can even be vital. It is the fastest means of communication that exists and provides a regular, comfortable, efficient and very fast service.


But the cost of its operation is very high and, mostly it is suitable for economically stable people, postal and light and expensive cargo. In addition, it is the most expensive means of transport that exists worldwide, mainly due to the large investments in the purchase of airplanes and the construction of runways and airports . Its capacity load is relatively very small and for this reason is not a suitable means of transport to transport cheap and bulky goods. Air transport is uncertain as it is highly dependent on weather conditions . Unfavorable weather, such as fog, snow, or heavy rain, can cause cancellation of scheduled flights and suspension of air service.


Air transport is an important facilitator that is used worldwide to achieve economic growth and development in different countries. Air transport facilitates integration into the global economy and provides vital connectivity on a national, regional and international scale. It helps to generate better trade , promote tourism and, in addition, it is a source that helps create employment opportunities.

Current usage

The current use of air transportation is variable . It can be used for the transport of passengers from one place to another, to send some types of goods , send mail , transferring patients from one place to another, it is used even in the wars affecting the world to move troops and armaments. Its use is of great importance for economies and governments as they imply an important source of work and economic development mainly through tourism .

Air transport in Spain

In Spain there has been a great growth in income levels and changes in the spatial organization of economic activities have increased the demand for air transport from both people and different types of goods. This increase in traffic occurs in the context of the deregulation and liberalization carried out by the European Union between 1988 and 1997, and which managed to give freedom to the Community airlines to operate any route.

Air transport in Argentina

In Argentina, air services play a very important role that has helped the country by increasing the country’s tourism industry. The number of visitors has grown, giving the country a better employment and economic condition through the tourists who arrive by air.

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