Aerobic resistance


Aerobic exercise and resistance exercise are two commonly chosen exercise modalities in physical conditioning . Each modality has its unique advantages and together they work even better. Aerobic exercise is effective in improving the capacity cardiorespiratory and to promote the spending of energy and fat utilization. Resistance exercise can serve as a powerful stimulus to the musculoskeletal system necessary to achieve gains in muscle size , strength ,stamina and power . It is recommended that a routine comprehensive training combine exercise aerobic and exercise endurance because improvements allow people to not only reduce risks to health and symptoms associated with inactivity physical, but also to perform activities of daily living of comfortable and safe way.


What is aerobic endurance?

The aerobic endurance is the ability of the metabolism to withstand fatigue through obtaining muscle cells that allow efforts physical important.



The aerobic endurance is the quality that allows us to support or postpone the fatigue thereby allowing to perform work without decreasing performance. Resistance is the ability of the body to be able to carry out efforts that involve a longer time and that have different intensities in periods of time. This type of resistance can be obtained through the metabolism aerobic performing the cells of the muscle by the combustion, in other words, through chemical reactions that take place in the presence of oxygen .


Characteristics of aerobic endurance

The main characteristics that can be observed in aerobic endurance are the following:

  • They are aerobic exercises that involve the activity of a group of muscles in a sustained and rhythmic way.
  • Its duration is at least between 15 and 20 minutes .
  • Its purpose is to put the cardiorespiratory apparatus to work .
  • Improves the condition of the heart and lungs .
  • They are important for weight loss and fat burning .
  • They can be made from home or in a gym , you can also make the air free.
  • They involve cardiovascular work .


There are two different types of aerobic endurance:

  • Aerobic resistance : which allows us to make a light or moderate effort for a certain time which is generally done extensively . It is the type of resistance that is used when we run, do a spin class or swim.
  • Anaerobic resistance : refers to the ability of a person to carry out a high intensity effort in a short period of time. It is applied in weight lifting, for example.

Benefits of aerobic endurance

The benefits that can be obtained when performing aerobic resistance exercises are of two types:

  • About physical performance:
    • Increase the speed of the race pace.
    • Increase the beats per minute.
    • Increased recovery and elimination of waste substances from the body.
    • It takes away the feeling of fatigue .
    • Strengthens the will and the spirit of sacrifice.
  • About the organism:
    • Hypertrophy of the heart cavity , achieving greater blood storage.
    • Increases respiratory capacity .
    • Drop in heart rate at rest and during exercise.
    • Improves kidney function
    • The number of leukocytes and lymphocytes increases, increasing natural defenses.
    • Increases the number of red blood cells , increasing oxygen transported in the blood.
    • Increases muscle vascularity .
    • Up the energy reserves .
    • Reduced body weight and decreased fat .

How to improve aerobic endurance

One of the best ways that aerobic endurance can be improved is by adding some form of cardiovascular activity to your daily exercise routines . One of the best options is to perform intervals of high intensity with which it takes the body to the top for a few seconds with the goal of increasing the heart rate and then return to a state standard l and continue the training.

How it differs from anaerobic resistance

The difference is that in aerobic exercises, medium or low intensity exercises are practiced and that they also have a long duration to burn carbohydrates and fats and thus obtain energy through oxygen . Anaerobic exercises are high intensity exercises that last a short time , where oxygen is not so necessary because the energy obtained comes from immediate sources that do not need to be oxidized by oxygen.


The main importance of aerobic resistance is seen in the heart , as it considerably increases the proper functioning of this important organ, it also helps the proper functioning of the lungs and the circulatory system, improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body for adequate energy production . It also allows you to carry out daily activities with greater energy , reduces the risk of suffering from high blood pressure and eliminates excess fat from the bodyavoiding with this the appearance of a possible cardiovascular disease .


Some examples of aerobic endurance activities that can be done include the following:

  • Aerobic dance
  • Swimming
  • Jump the rope
  • Riding a bicycle

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