Aerobic Gymnastics


The aerobics is the perfect sport for all those who are very active and have lots of energy. This discipline involves making patterns of movement of high intensity that go with the rhythm of the music ; It can be done by a single person or joined in pairs and groups. Aerobic gymnastics is an extremely dynamic sport , full of movement and full of action that develops in a rhythmic and fast way and is ideal for developing an adequate state of health and fitness. Most of the people are able to practice aerobic gymnastics, it is an effective exercise for thoseAdults who want to get in shape, teens who work to stay strong, or children who want to learn to coordinate agile movement patterns with their arms and legs. Once people find a place to train and all the basics of the sport are learned , they can continue to develop the different skills to be in shape, even to start participating in competitions from the local level to the national and even international.


Aerobic gymnastics

Aerobic gymnastics is one of the branches of the sport belonging to the discipline of gymnastics in which strength , coordination , elasticity , technique and rhythm are used to perform different routines to the rhythm of music.


What is aerobic gymnastics?

Aerobic gymnastics is the ability of people to continuously perform a series of high intensity aerobic movement patterns to the rhythm of music . It consists of continuously demonstrating movements with great flexibility and strength , using different combinations of aerobic exercise steps , arm movements to create sequences, high and low impact exercises , combining different levels of intensity.


What is aerobic gymnastics for

Provides a host of benefits for both mind and body. Among them we can mention the following:

  • Through aerobic gymnastics , agility , coordination and self-confidence are developed .
  • Strength and flexibility can be developed , preparing the human body for life’s challenges, thus providing better physical , mental and emotional health .
  • It is a very modern, fast-paced and intense sport that brings benefits to the health of the heart , mind and general state of the body.

History of aerobic gymnastics

The origins of aerobic gymnastics date back to 1968 in the United States , a country in which Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper , who was a doctor in the American armed forces, presented a program in which a series of exercises had to be performed that they involved a great deal of force for a long period of time to increase performance and endurance . In 1969, he used aerobic gymnastics as a form of training for military wives and in that same year a studio was formed to teach aerobics classes . Later the discipline was combined with music ,gymnastics and dance resulting in aerobic dance or aerobic gymnastics .


The elements of aerobic gymnastics are based on the different movements that must be performed, the appropriate combination of arm and leg movements to create dynamism . The basic steps are then:  running , jogging , lifting of knees , high kicks, jumping Jack and lunges . Every routine must have these movements.


The rules are based on the ability of athletes to perform patterns continuously with complex movements that rhyme with the intensity of the music, which is usually high. The movements must come from traditional aerobic exercises . It must show movements that are continuous, it must show flexibility and strength . The seven steps of aerobic gymnastics must be performed in each routine and the movements must be performed with perfection. Another rule is that routines must have all 4 elements; dynamic resistance , static force , jumping , flexibilityand balance . Competitors must show movement patterns between the arms and legs.


The aerobic gymnastics track is constructed using a wavy edge panel system equipped with elastic foam cells and 4 quick tension straps . These panels remain evenly attached providing excellent floor elasticity and uniformity . Perimeter markings provide a reliable visual indication of the actuation area


To practice this discipline it takes a maillot of gymnastics which are created based on elastic fabrics . This outfit must be able to conform to the body and cannot be transparent. The neckline of this cannot be lower than the middle of the sternum. They can be used with short or long sleeves , or without them and should not exceed the crease of the groin . You can wear long stockings or tights , which have glass and paint ornaments. They can use half points or toecaps

Benefits of aerobic gymnastics

  • Helps regulate and maintain a proper body weight .
  • Helps maintain proper heart function .
  • Relieves muscle and joint pain .
  • The stress is best taken when the sport is practiced.
  • Helps to relax and socialize .
  • Releases endorphins , or hormones of happiness.

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