Aerobic Exercises


Aerobic exercise is any type of conditioning that involves the cardiovascular field . It can include activities such as brisk walking, swimming, running, or cycling. You probably know it by the name of ” cardio . ” Aerobic exercise is considered a great help to keep the heart , lungs and circulatory system healthy . The aerobic exercise , such as sprinting, involve quick bursts of energy . They are done with maximum effort for a short time.


What are aerobic exercises?

They are exercises of medium or low intensity that last longer in which the body can burn carbohydrates and fats to get more energy through the use of oxygen.



Aerobic exercise is the type of exercise that is based on the development of different types of activities which are carried out with a lower intensity than those that are performed in the anaerobic exercise, but performed in periods of time longer , for example walking, running, swimming and cycling. These types of activities are carried out with the aim of achieving greater and better resistance . To obtain the necessary energy to carry out these activities, it is necessary to burn carbohydrates and fats , and for this, oxygen is needed. People looking to lose weight to lose weight so usually do this kind of exercise that burns fat and also to use much oxygen greatly increases the lung capacity being helpful for the cardiovascular system.


Characteristics of aerobic exercises

The main characteristics that we can observe in aerobic exercises we mention the following:

  • Is a type of exercise that does not increase the muscle mass .
  • To calculate its intensity , the cardiac beats per minute must be measured, ensuring that they are not greater than 220 in men and 210 in women , also depending on the age of the person performing the exercises.
  • Reduces subcutaneous fat and that located between the muscles .
  • They positively influence moods .
  • Helps reduce blood glucose levels in people with diabetes.
  • It does not increase muscle mass but improves lung capacity .

What are they for

Aerobic exercises are used to provide the body with greater resistance , considerably improve the heart and increase the levels of good cholesterol in the blood. In addition, they are exercises that help strengthen the spine , maintain an adequate weight and provide the individual with a feeling of general well – being.


The types of aerobic exercises that exist are the following:

  • Circuits are short exercise circuits with rest intervals.
  • Aquagym : aerobics performed in a pool which duplicate the effects of exercise.
  • Bodystyling : Combine aerobic exercise with muscle toning.
  • Intervals : intersperse aerobic exercises of low, medium and high intensity.
  • Box-Aerobics : self defense exercises are performed alternating with dance movements.
  • Step : high intensity exercise where the choreographed steps are performed on a platform, increasing cardiovascular activity.
  • Aerobic Dance : combines aerobic dance choreography to develop the rhythm of music.


The basic routine aerobic exercise consists of three phases including the preheating , heating and cooling . These stages must be met to do aerobics or any other exercise routine, because they improve circulation and regulate temperature , perspiration and heart rate.

The ideal is to warm up first , it can be a warm-up that lasts from 8 to 15 minutes . Include simple exercises like swinging your legs, raising your knees or heels to give your joints mobility . You can make circles with your arms, raise your knees, bring your heels back with a flexion of the forearms.

This is followed by a series of localized exercises . By this he means that it is necessary to measure with a stopwatch how much time you dedicate to each part of your body. You have approximately 30 minutes to work on each part. At the end, we have the cooling phase . This parts should be done with relaxing music , breathe slowly and eliminate any nagging thoughts . The muscles should be stretched slowly leaving the head for last, you can stretch your arms and turn your head side to side in a slow and coordinated way .

Aerobic exercises at home

To perform aerobic exercises at home we must have a suitable place to perform them. The duration of the routine will depend on the goals you want to achieve and the ability of the person to achieve them, you can start with short routines and then gradually add more time . Like any aerobic routine, you must warm up first , then perform the routine and finally cool down the body. Exercises such as rope jumping, jogging in the same place, doing jumping jacks, burpees, jumps with knee to chest, etc. can be performed. Currently there are also many videos that can be made from home and thus achieve an adequate routine of aerobic exercises.


The music used for aerobic exercise should be upbeat music that encourages exercise. Currently there are zumba routines which are full of contagious music that will make you exercise more comfortable and happy . But, regardless of the exercise, the important thing is that the person likes music and feels good about it.


  • This type of exercise makes it possible to lose weight because it reduces body fat by using fat as the main source of energy , making it the most beneficial type of exercise for people who are obese or overweight .
  • It is the first exercise that must be done in order to later define the muscles , since it is necessary to eliminate the fat located between them. To achieve weight loss, exercise should be practiced regularly and at a moderate intensity .
  • It notably improves cardiovascular function and lung capacity , both in healthy individuals and in patients with a coronary disorder .
  • Improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the body, increasing the ability to make efforts , and improving the various functions of the body.
  • It positively influences the state of mind since it helps to increase self-esteem , the quality of sleep and the general well-being of the individual. When some type of aerobic exercise is carried out, endorphins are also released in the brain, proteins associated with the inhibition of pain and the generation of pleasant sensations .
  • Increases calcium absorption levels , strengthening bones and reducing the risk of fractures .
  • It helps lower blood pressure and lower levels of LDL cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”), while increasing levels of HDL cholesterol (“good cholesterol”). In this way, the risk of heart attack decreases .
  • Increases endurance capacity .

Importance of aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise is important because it helps the body burn the fat it has accumulated, improve heart levels and activate human metabolism , this with the aim of achieving a better quality of life , both externally and internally, as it helps us to feel more comfortable with our body and be healthy.


Some examples of aerobic exercises are:

  • To walk
  • To run
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Boxing
  • Aerobic classes
  • The dance

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